Yes, I Blog about girls birthday dresses a lot. So what?!

05/11/2013 17:13


Okay loyal blog readers.  It's time for Duncan to address some rumors that have been circulating the world wide web lately.  It seems that some people have come to some rather incorrect assumptions about me, simply because of the content that I write.  They think this gives them a right to judge me or come to some erroneous conclusions about my lifestyle and habit.  First of all, just because I post about girls birthday dresses a lot, does not mean that I have girls of my own.  Simply put, I do not.  I do have three cats, but none of them are girls.  I don't know why many of you assume I do, just because I have a particular hobby.


The reason why I write about birthday girl dresses so often is because I know a good thing when I see it, and I'm just trying to get the word out.  Talking about it on my website is the only way I can do it, because my over-eating habits have confined me to a life in bed.  And until I can afford lap surgery, I have resigned myself to this fate.  After all, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  So if I derive a little joy talking about birthday dresses, then so be it.  Sue me.  I have a hobby.  What's so wrong about that?


I feel obliged to share with you my favorite website for girls dresses.  It's called TwirlyGirl and I love them for their excellent customer service and wide array of beautiful, and high quality clothing for girls.  All of their garments are made here in the United States of America.  And that's a rare thing these days because so much of manufacturing has been shipped overseas so that they masses can purchase cheap garments that fall apart after one washing.  But not TwirlyGirl.  Their dresses are made to last.  They are so well constructed that you can just toss them into the washer and dryer.  No need for special care, and you don't have to worry about the clothes shrinking.  I'm serious y'all, if I was a girl, I would totally want one of these dresses for my birthday.  


So let's put an end to all of the rumors.  I don't have girls of my own.  But I do love birthday dresses.  They are so fun and festive and joyous.  And don't we all want more of that.  Smiles and laughter and singing and dancing and jumping.  This is exactly what you'll get when you give a girl a birthday dress.  If you would like to see the premiere website for buying one, then I'll take all of the guess work out for you.  Just click on this link, and you will be transferred to a magical land where anything is possible.  Have fun gang.  And stop you're gossiping about me.  I'm really not as interesting as you think I am!