Why a girl should never leave home without capri leggings:

06/21/2013 14:07
Learned that lesson the hard way!  We took a trip to visit my cousin on Cape Cod.  If you never been, you really have to go.  (To the cape, not my cousin.  She's a little bit of a nightmare.)  We spent a week there, taking in the sun, laying on the beach, hiking through the meadows and eating steamers by the bucket full.  It's one of my favorite places in the world.  The air smells so salty and fresh.  If there's any downside to the place, and this is kind of a stretch, it's that it can get a little chilly at times.  My girl was expecting the same climate as southern California, and it most certainly is not.  So when she packed the bags, she left out the one piece of clothing she probably would've worn the most:  her capri leggings like these.  Girls capri leggings would've been so important due to their versatility.  They can be worn alone, or under a skirt or a dress, keeping legs warm and toasty on cool nights or afternoons.  And of course, they are super easy to pack.  Just roll them up and stick them in the bag.  There really is no excuse not to pack them.
So my girl was a little cold for the first day or two.  We went into town with the hope of finding a small department store or boutique that sold leggings.  But the problem is, she is so very picky about what she'll wear.  It has to be soft but it also has to be fun and funky looking.  If the style is boring, my girl says that it doesn't reflect her personality well, and that she'd rather suffer with cold legs than wear something that isn't true to her spirit.  And they have to be capri length or else it's a non-starter. Ugh.  Eleven year old girls!  So we wound up not getting anything, but when we returned to the beach house, she spent the next three days surfing the internet for the girls capri leggings.  She found quite a bunch of retail sites that sold them, but only bookmarked one as her favorite place.  It was called TwirlyGirl, and I have to admit, they kind of sold me as well.  First of all, they are entirely manufactured in the United States of America.  And their whole brand is about creativity and empowering girls to embrace their uniqueness, and be proud of who they are, as they are.  I definitely dig that.  I'm not raising a Queen B or a Mean Girl here.  I want my child to love herself as she is.  So I wound up by three pair of capri leggings for girls off their site, and it was waiting for us when we returned to the West Coast.  She tried them on, and loved with them, and now has a whole wish list of items she wants me to buy for Christmas and her birthday.  Which is fine with me.  It's impossible to buy presents for this girl, but she never says what she wants.  So if it's capri leggings from TwirlyGirl, or a dress, or a skirt from TwirlyGirl, that's perfect for me.  
Check them out for yourself.  I bet your girl will love them as much as mine did.  And the less headaches for us mothers, the better.  Here's the link to their website.  TwirlyGirlShop.