tire swing fixed by girls capri leggings

10/26/2013 15:11

We live out in the countryside.  Some people say we're hillbillies.  Others call us hicks.  But you know what I think we are?  Simple folk that's happier than most, in my humble opinion.  We don't need much to have a lot of fun.  When we want to listen to music, we toot on our jug or scratch on our washboards.  Sure, we don't drink wine.  But who needs that when we have moonshine that is strong enough to make your eyes sweat and your ears bleed.  We don't have video games or computers.  In fact, I'm typing this very blog entry on my neighbor's laptop.  What we do have, however, is a long and splendid tire swing that hangs from our jacaranda tree on the front stoop.  One day, however, this fun contraption snapped.  We didn't have a replacement cord nearby, so instead, we just made do using an old pair of girls capri leggings such as these.  Capri leggings are always lying around the house on account of the fact that we have so many children.  Usually, the oldest one gets the newest clothes, and the youngest inherits all the rags and shmata as they would say in New York City.  So when we had to use the capri leggings for girls to fix our fun mobile, as we call it, it was no big deal.  As long as there's swinging, there is hooting and hollering.

One of the things that my girls like most about capri leggings is that there are so many uses for them.  Sure, you can wear them underneath a skirt or a dress or a large sandwich board to keep warm.  But you can also wear them when you're going to a fancy wedding of two sixteen year olds.  Or a high school graduation ceremony for a 25 year old man child.  You can also put girls capri leggings on while square dancing, or doing the hip hop, or just for hanging around the bath tub cooking gin.  When I think about it, and let's be honest, I don't do much of that these days, there really is no occasion that capri leggings doesn't work.  Heck, I even seen them being worn to a hoe down.


We like our capris to be funky and comfortable, so that we don't break into a shvitz when we get on and off the sofa.  We spend a lot of time there, watching our favorite TV shows like Matlock and Murder She Wrote.  We also watch that show, "Don't do that, Honey Boo Boo."  That's the name of it, right?  I forget what they call it sometimes.  We tend to do that when we have fine company over, like the sheriff or third grade teacher.  She's a know it all, though.  Always bragging about how she can read and write.  I don't care how much book learning she has.  It's impolite to brag about how you can read a menu.  


Another thing we like about capri leggings for girls is how they come in so many fun styles and patterns.  The only problem is they don't have any in camouflage, so that I can use the outhouse in peace.  Of course, there's always the drawback that my brother slash husband could accidentally shoot me.  That would not be fun, no sir.  I didn't enjoy it the first time, I certainly won't fancy it any more the second.  You know what I mean?


If you are in the lookout for some really cool girls capri, you should consider shopping on this site.  Later, gator!