The Many Uses of Girls Dresses

01/28/2013 13:23


Have you ever seen the show MacGuyver, or Man vs. Wild, or Survivor Man.  Basically, it's about dudes who can turn any common thing, and think of a million other uses with that thing in order to save my life.  Usually, is a pine cone, or a piece of rope.   Well, that got me to thinking.  What could these guys do with girls dresses.  I mean, there are lots of girls in the world.  And they all have dresses, so it's not too hard to conceive that one of these guys would be put in a situation where their only resource was girls dresses.  

So lets say survivor man is stuck on a desert island with some beautiful women who are willing to be naked for whatever reason.  maybe they are exhibitionists.  So what are some of the many uses for  girls dresses .  


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First are the obvious uses.  You could make the girl put on a fashion show with their dresses.  That could keep you entertained for at least ten minutes.  Then you could tear up one of their dresses, if the girls were willing, and use it to make a water filtration system.  You could also use some of the dresses to make a torch.  You would have to soak the dresses in something flammable first.  Another use for girls dresses is bandanas.  That way everyone in their tribe would know who you are.  Of course, this would necessitate tearing these dresses up first.  That would be a waste of your precious girls dresses because there are no people on your desert island in the first place.  You don't need to know what tribe you are on.  How silly of me.

You could also use your girls dresses to make some kind of netting to catch minnows or other some fish in the many tide pools that surround your tropical island.

Some of the dresses of the girls could be used to make a sling shot to kill or maim many of the head hunters populating your island.  Yeah, i said head hunters.  I bet you're glad you have those girls dresses now, aren't you!

Finally there's one last use for these dresses from girls.  You could use them to stage a bonfire to rescue yourself.  The fire would attract the attention of planes and ships.  And when they got closer to the island, they'd see the butt naked girls flailing about and think, Holy cow!  Let's go rescue those girls, dresses be damned!  They would swoop them up on the ship, offer them some food, play a little Marvin Gaye and get a little weird, you know.  See where the night takes them, that's all I'm saying.  I'm not suggesting anything untoward, but whenever girls are out of their dresses, anything can happen.  Hint hint.

So there you have it.  I've just listed some excellent uses for girls dresses.  You're welcome.  If you ever find yourself stranded or ship wrecked, think of this article and thank me.  Have a lovely, well prepared day.  To see other lovely dresses for girls, check out this website.