The Girls Capri Leggings we saw in Europe might surprise you

05/31/2013 14:08

Sorry I haven't been blogging much guys.  I took three weeks off.  Did you miss me?  Me and Bill took a long trip to Europe.  We figured it would be good research for the coffee table book we're planning on writing.  So we bought two of those train passes that let you travel the continent for only a little money.  It really was a great way to vacation.  We met so many interesting people, none of whom we were able to communicate with.  Maybe that's why they liked me so much.  LOL!   Anyway, the trip started in Portugal, went to Spain, France, Germany, then ended up in Italy.  From there we took a boat to the beautiful island of Capri where we loaded up on, yep, you guessed it girls capri leggings like these.  Leggings are a great gift, on account of the fact that we have so many nieces.  

Our girls just love to wear leggings.  I don't know why.  I think it's because they are so comfortable and soft.  Plus they really are a very versatile piece of clothing that every girl needs to have in their wardrobe.  Capri leggings can be worn under dresses when it's cold outside, or girls can wear them under skirts for modesty.  Let's face it, girls like to spin and twirl in their clothing, and often they aren't thinking about what others can see.  So just to be on the safe side, they might as well wear some bike shorts or capris underneath.  It's just good old fashioned common sense.


The funny thing about girls capri style leggings, and maybe that's not the right word, is that they are so fashion forward.  That three quarter length is so flattering to any shape.  But the weird thing is, I hate the way skinny jeans look.  But leggings are different for some reason.  They're thinner.  And not so tough and rugged looking.  Sometimes I wish that girls would consult with me first before making any major fashion decisions.  Seriously, girls.  I do this as a public service.  Just as Duncan first before you buy.  But for the record, girls capri leggings are always ok by me.  But if you really want my blessing, then you'll buy them from my website of choice.  TwirlyGirl.  One of the reasons why I like them so much is because all of their clothes are made right here in the USA.  I challenge you to find another brand of leggings that do the same!  So be a good American and buy a capri here.