Son sews stuffed animal out of girls capri leggings

08/03/2013 17:51

I have three daughters and my youngest is a son.  He enjoys doing all the same things as his older sisters do.  He plays with dolls, dresses up, plays with make-up and such.  It really is a joy to see such a close bond with them.  HIs latest obsession is fashion.  Mainly haute couture.  He just loves watching Project Runway and he must be abreast of all the news out of Milan and Paris.  Unfortunately, his new hobby has gotten him into some trouble with some of his siblings.  You see he decided he wanted to sew a stuffed animal.  Not to play with mind you, but as an accessory for the manners and etiquette classes he teaches to some of his friends.  We were all out of tule and chiffon, so he need some fabric to play with.  He reckoned that the cute fabric that are used for girls capri leggings like this would be perfect.  Girls capri leggings are very popular in our house because all of the children wear them under dresses, or simply as a way to accessorize and otherwise bland outfit.  Le'Roy took some girls leggings, unstitched them, then sewed them back together to make a cute little hound with a button for his nose.  When the oldest won found out, she practically flipped her lid.  If I hadn't calmed her down, I'm certain she would've introduced the kid to the back of her hand.  Slap!

Naturally, we all guilted and shamed him into feeling awful over destroying the capri leggings.  We insisted that he buy a new pair of capris.  So we did a little internet search on the computer and came up with several sites to buy them.  His favorite is called TwirlyGirl and they have an adorable selection of capri leggings for girls.  My boy practically fainted when he saw them, and that's no exaggeration.  He tends to swoon quite a bit when he's emotional.  We loaded the cart and purchased them.  Within days, they were shipped to our humble abode.  The girls all went loco for the leggings.  Cuckoo!!  Even Le tried them on and melted.


Here's a link to the TwirlyGirl website.  You totally should visit them and peruse their gorgeous selection of girls capri leggings.  Some have matching legs, others are mismatched.  Some prints are loud, others are subtle and understated.  I imagine their site is what heaven looks like.  Shop here, but be warned.  You may want to purchase everything you see!