Six Pair of Capri Leggings Stolen -- Inside Job Suspected

07/01/2013 17:32
There's been a rash of crime in our neighborhood lately.  Mostly big things.  A few auto break ins, a home burglary where a high end television set was stolen, that kind of thing.  But when crime came to our house, we certainly were not expecting it.  You see we have a very big and mean German Shepard, and he regularly patrols our backyard.  It's very easy for would be criminals to see him through the slits in our gate.  Who in their right mind would want to anger that animal.  Just his growl is enough to send you for the hills.   You might get our stereo system, but Buster will get your arms, legs, and possibly nose.  Seriously, don't mess with him.  So it came as quite a surprise when my seven year old daughter reported that all six pair of her capri leggings for girls (seen on this URL) had been stolen.  It was such a head scratcher, too.  We searched the closets, under her bed, in the washer and dryer.  It was no where to be found.  She didn't leave it at school, or at her friend's house. It was as if it simply disappeared off the face of the earth.  Later, while cleaning out the shed in the back yard, we discovered the true culprit.  Our dog!  She was supposed to be protecting us, not stealing from right beneath our noses.  Unreal.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
Our vet says  that sometimes canines take clothes, or in this particular case, girls capri leggings, because the scene of their owner makes them feel comfortable.  The fact that she only took leggings and none of our other clothes suggest to me one thing.  That he favors my daughter over everyone else in our house!  Unfortunately, the capri leggings were too chewed up to be worn again, so we had to go out and buy new ones.  The bad part is, my girl was not happy with the selection of leggings at any of the department stores.  So we had to go online to find them.  Turns out, it was easier than I thought.  
We just went to a search engine and typed in girls capri leggings, and one of our favorite stores popped up in the top three.  It's called TwirlyGirl.  I don't know why I didn't think to look there first!  I guess it's because we've only bought dresses from them in the past.  It didn't occur to me that they might also have leggings for girls.  So we loaded up our cart, and in a few days, our shipment was delivered.  Hopefully, that's the last crime spree our little K-9 will go on for awhile.  What a travesty!  It was an inside job the whole time!
If you have a naughty beast living beneath your roof, and you need to buy your own girls capri leggings, I recommend using our favorite store.  They really are terrific.  Here's a link to make it easy.