Offspring Cooks Family Breakfast Wearing Girls Maxi Dress

07/26/2013 13:27
Our nine year old daughter, Claire, really wanted to make a good impression the other day.  She woke up early and decided to cook the entire family breakfast.  And since presentation is half of it, she did the whole thing while wearing a girls maxi dress that she first learned about here.  Maxi dresses are wonderful. They are stylish, comfortable, and fashion forward.  However, they aren't completely appropriate for cooking and baking.  That would be better served by an apron!
So what were we served?  Some burn toast, a few bowls of soggy cereal, half a glass of orange juice, and some strawberries that hadn't been washed yet.  Somehow, our girls managed to get food and crumbs all over her maxi dress.  I guess that's where the rest of the food went.  LOL!  Unfortunately, her dress was so covered that we had to take it off to get washed.  There was no way she could wear it out for the day.  Obviously, we were super grateful for all the effort she went through that morning.  But I'm afraid that in the kid's mind, all that was negated by the fact that the dress was soiled so much.  It really wasn't a big deal, though.  I know some maxi dresses have to be treated with kid gloves.  If not, they will fall apart.  Fortunately for us, the brand that we bought really doesn't require special care.  We don't have to take it to get dry cleaned or anything like that.  It's a TwirlyGirl Maxi Dress for Girls, so we just toss it in the washer then put it in the dryer.  Then you're done.  An hour and a half later, our girl was all set to wear the maxi dress.  That's the advantage of paying a little more to get a quality garment.  All of TwirlyGirl's dresses are made in the USA with a unique 4 stitch overlock.  This is an extra layer of protection that most cheaply made foreign garments don't have.  When you buy cheap, that's exactly what you get.  So I don't make that mistake anymore.  
Here's a link to the TwirlyGirl website.  Even if you're not shopping for a girls maxi dress, they have so many other really cute items.  Leggings, tops, shorts, skorts, you name it. If TwirlyGirl sells it, you know that it's going to be cute and quality.  And their customer service is truly superb.  That's it for today's blog posting.  Tomorrow, I write about shoes!