Maxi Dress Window Display on 5th Avenue Draws Huge Crowd

06/12/2013 13:36

Just got back from the Big Apple, and I have to say, that city never ceases to amaze me.  It's so vibrant and creative.  It seems like a great mix of super creative people willing to take chances just to make a buck.  That's what I love about that place.  The true sense that anything goes, and everyone is welcome.  I really like the way people walk down the street with the feeling that they can be whoever they want to be, free from judgment.  Here's an example of something really cool we saw.  At one point, we passed a department store with a crowd of people gathered around their display window.  Aft first, I thought there was an accident, and bystanders were just waiting for an ambulance to arrive.  But as we got closer, it was clear that wasn't the case at all.  In actually, the crowd was admiring a show in the window.  Several girls were acting like mannequins dressed in maxi dresses (this kind)  Maxis were big in the 1970s, so they had disco music playing.  Every once in awhile, a girl would strike a pose and hold it for a few minutes.  Then she's take a step or two and hold a different one.  At first, it was hard to tell if these were real girls in dresses, or very expensive dummies.

The maxi girls were incredibly talented.  Each time they moved, they did it like a robot.  The amount of muscular control they exercised was totally amazing.  I think some of the girls must've been training gymnasts or dancers.  At one point, one of the maxi dress girls (as we started calling them) left the showcase area and came outside to be one of us.  She started staring at the other maxi girls in the window.  That's when the crowd went nuts.  It was just so funny and original.  This inventive advertising did the trick, because the witnesses on the street started filing into the store to buy their own maxi dresses for girls.  Talk about shrewd marketing.  Truth be told, the dresses kind of sold themselves, because they really were quite beautiful and stunning.  The colors were quite vibrant and certainly the style was retro but modern.  I'm still amazed at how much attention they were able to garner, simply over a dress.  Only in Gotham are such lengths taken just to sell a dress!


We stuck around for probably fifteen or twenty minutes, and wound up buying my girl a maxi of her own.  If you would like to see the dresses that everyone went wild for, I've included a link for your convenience.  They offer a lot of styles, and all of their dresses are made in the USA.  So, that's an added bonus.  Click this.