Little Boy Steals Girls Capri Leggings

07/21/2013 15:34
It's happening already.  My little girl has boy trouble!  She's only six years old, but apparently, there's a boy in her class who likes her.  And how does he show it to her?  By being mean!  According to the teacher, the boy definitely has a crush on my girl because he's always trying talk to my girl, and tease, and generally get her attention.  At least the kid has good taste.  I mean, my little girl is pretty darn cute.  The last thing that happened was this.  The boy got into my child's knapsack and stole her capri leggings for girls (that she learned about here.)  Capri leggings are very big in my household because they are such a versatile piece of clothing.  My girls wear them to gymnastics class, or under a skirt or dress to stay warm, or just as a way of accessorizing an otherwise bland outfit.  The capri leggings that my girls own are pretty fun and funky, so it's a simple way to add some pizazz to an ensemble.  
Anyway, the boy stole the girls capri leggings and tossed them onto the roof of the school, for some reason. My child was furious, but also crushed.  These were her favorite pair of leggings.  The teachers asked a janitor to retrieve them, but he said that wouldn't be possible until the end of the month... for whatever reason.  I tried explaining puppy love to my girl, but let's be honest, I don't quite understand it myself.  She was inconsolable, but I offered to go online and find my girl a new pair of capri style leggings.  We did an internet search and found an adorable little company that manufactures them right here in Los Angeles.  Click, add to cart, and boom... three days later they were on our doorstep.  Of course, this created some new drama in my house.  When my other daughter saw all of the cute clothes that TwirlyGirl sold on their site, she wanted to buy some too!  This turned into quite the shopping expedition at my house.  I told my girls some of the clothes would have to wait for their birthdays and Christmas time, because let's face it, I'm not made of money.  But they were perfectly fine with that.  And as long as some dude doesn't steal them and throw them on the roof as well, I'm cool with it too.
Here's the link to the TwirlyGirl store.  Just poke around.  It's really quite fun to visit them because all of their garments, including their girls capri leggings, are described with fun little stories and poems.  It's actually quite entertaining just to do a little window shopping.  My girls like it even more than some of those mind numbing aps they play on their ipads.