Kitten used Girls Capri Leggings as a Scratching Post

07/26/2013 13:48

We just adopted the cutest little kitten from the shelter.  My girls have been after me for years to get one, and I finally broke down.  After years of saying no, I upgraded it to maybe, and finally yes.  My kids were thrilled.  They played with him all day and into the night.  But in the morning, they awoke to something horrible. The cat somehow got into my daughter's dresser draw and had his way with a pair of girls capri leggings, like these.  Capri leggings are a fan favorite in our household because they are so versatile.  My girls can throw them on under a dress or a skirt to keep warmer, or the leggings can be worn on their own while lounging on the couch, or to a gymnastics class.  We must have a least a dozen capri leggings for girls around this home.  But now, we have only 11.  This is because our new feline had has way with them, tearing the capri to shreds.  My youngest girl was crying hysterically this morning.  She can be something of a drama queen.


The only way I could get her to calm down was to promise the girl I'd buy her a new capri leggings.  But that wasn't good enough.  We had to purchase them immediately!!!  So I went on line and searching for girls capri leggings.  Actually, there are quite a few sites that sell them, but one of them stood out from all the rest.  It was a store called TwirlyGirl and all of their clothes are Made in the USA.  Whoot-whoot!  They had the cutest assortment of capri leggings for girls.  Some of them had wild and funky prints.  Others had mismatched legs.  I was so impressed with all the styling, we wound up putting 3 pair in our cart.  They came in the mail a few days later, and my girls were thrilled.

In the meantime, we're trying to train our pet to stay away from our clothes.  Especially our new TwirlyGirl clothes.  They must be guarded at all costs, because they are just so darn adorable.  We installed security cameras around the perimeter of our rooms, and had a locksmith put in high quality deadbolts, as well as barbed wire.  Tomorrow, we're having an electrician put in a high voltage fence.  Just kidding.  LOL!  Here is a link to the TwirlyGirl site.  Even if you are not shopping for girls capri leggings, you should give them a visit because all of their clothes are just so special.