Kid Dazzles Recital in Girls Maxi Dress

08/10/2013 14:55
My girl is quite the dancer.  She's only nine, but so far she's studied tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, and modern.  She loves to move her body, and honestly, she's quite good at it.  She doesn't realize it, but it's a wonderful stress reducer for her as well.  My husband and I are amazed and in awe of the kid's ability.  She doesn't get this talent from either of us.  Maybe the mailman was on Broadway or something.  Anyway, what I truly like best about our girl is how she feels so comfortable in her body, and has the confidence to make decisions.  She had a recital last weekend, and all of the other girls wore traditional outfits for the event.  But not my girl.  She always thinks outside the box, which is why she wore a girls maxi dress like this one.  Maxi dresses are lovely outfits for school, church, social events, pool side, or even lounging around at home.  But they are seldom worn to events like this.  
At first, I don't think the crowd knew what to make of the girl in the maxi dress.  I got the sense that they were confused, and perhaps thought she wasn't supposed to be on stage.  But as soon as the music kicked in, and she starting hitting it, the audience went nuts.  They loved the child's originality, and also, I think they appreciated the way the maxi dress spun and moved.  It really was a superb combination of fashion and talent.  She was busting moves, poppin' and lockin', crumpin', breakin'... you name it, my girl was doing it.  I started to human beat box along to the routine, but my husband kicked me in the shins because I was embarrassing him.  
After the extravaganza, people approached my girl.  It seemed everyone wanted to talk about the maxi dress for girls.  They wanted to know if she made it herself, if not, where did she buy it, could they get one, etc.  My girl was more than happy to share the spotlight with the maxi dress, because after all, it was her decision to wear it.   She signed a few autographs, and here's the hilarious thing, under her name she wrote the web address for the store she got it from.
I swear, we probably drummed up a ton of business that day... simply because she was wearing a girls maxi dress from TwirlyGirl.  It's like they're her sponsor or something.  Maybe she'll get a dress deal out of it.  Lol!