Imbecile ex-husband doesn't know what girls capri leggings are

08/11/2013 13:56
My mother warned me.  My father threatened to disown me.  But did I listen to them?  Of course not.  I was a know it all 24 year old, who just had to marry the world's biggest idiot.  Maybe I thought it would put me in the Guiness Book of World's Records or something.  All I know is, I regret almost every single moment of our marriage.  One one great thing came out of it.  And of course, I'm referring to our ten year old girl.  Her good qualities come from my side of the family.  She has his eyes, which I begrudgingly admit are beautiful.  Fortunately, the girl doesn't also have the vacuous sound of wind blowing through her ears.  
Let me give you the latest example of his stupidity.  It certainly isn't the biggest, or more egregious, but it is the most recent so it's worthy of posting on my blog.  It's back to school time, so naturally I wanted to get our girl some new clothes.  The ex insisted that he wanted to do it, not because he's generous, but he was desperate to curry favor from our girl.  He forgot the kid's birthday, so this was his lame attempt to fix things.  When he picked the child up the other weekend, I told the man that she needed new girls capri leggings like these.  Capri leggings for girls are very useful and versatile because she can wear them under skirts and dresses to stay warm, or all alone when she's on a play date or just lounging around the house.  He said he'd handle it, but deep down, I knew he'd screw it up.  And he did!  Yeah.
The moron went to one of those big box stores and bought her the cheapest, scratchiest, ugliest pair of girls capri leggings that he could find.  She didn't want to wear them.  What a complete waste of money.  So I then emailed him a link where he could buy the girl some capri leggings.  He went there, and saw that their leggings cost more money than the ones he bought at the department store.  "Well, duh!  You idiot.  You get what you pay for!"  The putz was arguing with me how he didn't thing they were worth the bucks.  "You know what's not worth the cash, the capri leggings you bought!!  She won't wear them!"  Some people simply don't get it.  It's better to purchase one item that's high quality, then five items that are cheaply made.  Is this a new concept?  Why is this so hard for him to understand?  Oh.  I know why.  Because he's brain dead!
Finally I just told the dope to buy the capri leggings from TwirlyGirl.  I would reimburse him the price between the good ones and the terrible ones that he wanted to get.  That way my girl would be happy and he would be happy.  Ugh, it was worth it just to get him to shut up.  Next time, I'm listening to my dad.