I'll be tweeting about the girls maxi dress

05/15/2013 14:20


I finally succumbed, y'all.  I didn't have the strength to fight it off, so I gave in.  I am one of you, now.  One of the sheeple.  Yes, good friends, the day has finally arrived.  Duncan Faber now has a twitter account.  That means I will now be documented my life and thoughts in 140 characters or less, on a daily or even hourly basis.  I will also be able to follow your lives just as regularly.  So if you have something earth shattering to share, please follow me so that I can follow you back.  Of course, you can expect me to twitter.  Naturally, I will still be posting about the most important subject of all.  Of course, I am speaking of the girls maxi dress kinda like this one.

Obviously, maxi dresses for girls are stunningly beautiful and incredibly versatile.  They can be worn to a whole variety of occasions.  Girls can dress them up and look fancy, or dress them down and look casual.  And the fact that they are so comfy means they can be worn around the house, on a play date, on a plane or on a train, know what I'm sayin'?  They rhymes.  OMG I am ROTFLMAO!  

But the biggest challenge of all to me is going to be how to express the brilliance of the maxi dress in so few words.  I mean, which do I chose?  Beautiful?  Fun? Comfortable?  Fashion forward?  On trend?  I mean seriously, guys.  I'm going to need some major editorial help with this.  You know me, once I get started I tend to ramble.  Especially when I'm talking about something that I'm so passionate about.  I mean, once I start talked about maxi style dresses, it's hard to shut me up.  So I may just have to have some tweets that say "to be continued" if it doesn't fit into the allotted space.  Speaking of which... if a girl only has a certain amount of space to pack for a trip, then one of the best pieces of clothing to bring is certainly a maxi dress, for all the above reasons.


There are lots of places to buy a maxi dress for a girl.  But don't waste your time, because one place is at the top of the list.  It's my favorite brand.  TwirlyGirl.  They have a huge selection of dresses for girls.  And their maxi is so freakin' cute, I can't stand it!  So 1970s chic, I want to pinch myself so that I know I'm not dreaming.  Learn more about it here.