Grandparents surprise her with a girls birthday dress

07/25/2013 13:13
My parents are great.  But let's be honest, they're way better grandparents than they ever were as parents.  Truly!  I don't remember them being nearly as nice or generous to me when I was growing up!  And did they ever play with me?  No way.  But with my daughter, they are like completely different people.  They're loving, supportive, attentive.  Damn.  I can't believe I'm jealous of my own daughter!  LOL.  Here's the latest example of their awesomeness.  My daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday, and grandma and grandpa didn't even ask me what she wanted as a gift.  They took it upon themselves to find something totally unique to give her.  I don't know if they did research on the internet, or just asked their fellow retirees.  But however they did it, they struck paydirt this year by giving the kid a girls birthday dress like this kind.  Girls birthday dresses are hip and fun and fashion forward.  In other words, how the heck did THEY know about them?!
The birthday party was a huge hit.  We went bowling and all the girls had lots of fun.  Afterwards we had cake and opened presents.  When she finally got to present from mama and pappa as they are called, my girl went over the nuts crazy.  She was completely floored by how beautiful the birthday girl dress was.  She excused herself to go to the bathroom so that she could immediately change into it.  When she came back, she put on an impromptu fashion show, spinning and twirling.  All of her friends wanted to know where they bought that girls birthday dress.  My father can't keep a secret, although he tried.  He pretended like it was so special that there was only one left in the entire universe, and the other girls were simply out of luck.  But he can't keep a straight face, and he finally broke down and admitted that he bought the birthday dress from a site called TwirlyGirl.  All the girls asked for pen and paper so that they could write down the web address and style name of the dress, so that they could get one for their birthday as well.  I told them that the best way to guarantee getting a dress like that for their birthday was to invite my mother and father.  I don't know if they realize that I was joking.  Kids can be pretty literal.
Anyway, if you know a girl who is celebrating a birthday this year and you want to get them a dress, then by all means, check out TwirlyGirl.  All of their dresses are made in the USA, and they could not be any cuter!  Here's a link to their website to make it easy for you.