Girls maxi dresses are popping up everywhere

08/24/2013 10:40
You know how when you learn a new word, suddenly it seems like everyone is saying it.  I remember when I learned the meaning of "jocular."  The next day, I heard it everywhere.  At school.  On TV.  At Weight Watchers class...  Well, now I'm having a similar experience.  My eight year old daughter just told me what a girls maxi dress is.  (It's one of these.)  And now that I know what one is, I seem to be seeing them everywhere!
I went to the mall yesterday, and it seemed like every clothing store had a maxi dress for girls in the window.  When I got home and turned on the television, so many characters on sitcoms and dramas were wearing maxi dresses. When I dropped my girl off at camp, half the girls there were dressed in maxi dresses.  It was bizarre.  It was like I had fallen into a parallel universe, or that I could finally see.  Kind of like when Keanu saw the Matrix for the first time.  Exactly like that.  I'm not exaggerating.
When I returned home, I decided to do some informal research on the subject.  It turns out, maxi dresses are peeking right now.  They were big in the 1970s, and for some reason, they are back in fashion again.  I checked out a number of sites that sell girls dresses.  I'm no expert by any means, but I will say that one website quickly became my favorite for a number of reasons.  It was called TwirlyGirl.   The first reason why I like it is because all of their dresses are made in the USA.  That's pretty cool in my book.  The second is that the the fabrics they use are so fun and vibrant. It really livens up the dress.  The third is the effort they put into the site to make it fun and unique.  Each dress, including the maxi, comes with it's own personalized story or poem.  My girl and I spend at least an hour there, just reading and laughing over all their great content.  I wish more companies would personalize their products as much.  
Just for kicks, I wound up buying my girl a maxi dress from them.  I was totally happy with their customer service, and when the dress arrived, my girl could not have been happier with it.  It put a huge smile on her face.  So that's about it.  You should check out their homepage as well.  Here's a link that will take you there.  See you next week!