girls maxi dress falls into ocean

09/21/2013 14:33
The whole family went on a deep sea fishing trip the other weekend.  It was great fun.  We chartered a boat for 12 and set sail.  It took us a good two hours to steam to our grounds, and when we got there, we dropped our lines and patiently waited.  While we did, my older daughter decided she wanted to change into her swimsuit.  So she took off the girls maxi dress (like this) that she was wearing and set it on the rail as she put on sunscreen.  Two seconds later, my boy snagged something on his reel.   It certainly felt like a big one, and as it tugged on his pole, it accidentally pushed the maxi dress for girls into the ocean.  My girl started screaming, naturally.  It was her favorite dress, after all.  And the worst part is, the fish got away!  
The captain of the boat tried circling back to retrieve the girls dress, but with no luck.  I suppose some lucky octopus is wearing it to a casual event or even a formal occasion right now.  As long as the lobsters don't get it, I'm happy.  We did have my girls name sewed onto the back of the dress for when she went to camp, so I suppose there's a chance that the maxi dress washes up on shore and some kind citizen goes through the time and effort to track us down and return it.  If any of you come across it, I'll give you a reward.  In the meantime, in order to console my crying child, I promised the kid I would purchase a new girls maxi dress.  One that was even more beautiful and comfortable.  That was a tall order, but leave it to the internet to solve all of our problems because the new one is absolutely stunning.  It wasn't even that hard to find.  I simply performed a Bing search for "girls maxi dress" and one of the top sites to come up on the list was a great online store called TwirlyGirl.  They have the most fantastic collection of girls dresses, each one is prettier than the next.  Of course, my daughter wanted the maxi dress, so we picked that one up first, but then we also added a few others to our future list.  So we'll wind up buying those dresses for girls as birthday presents or Christmas gifts.  What a relief to find something for this kid.  To be honest, it can be quite challenging shopping for this one.  She's quite picky.
So as a gesture of good will and gratitude, this weeks pick goes out to TwirlyGirlShop for saving the day.  Go check out their website.  It's a lot of fun and their clothes are wonderful.  Shop on this link.