Girls Dresses: Care and Handling Tips

01/21/2013 12:32


It’s very important to know how to care and handle girls dresses properly.  This is not like tableclothes we're talking about.  You don't just throw it into the washer with some detergent then chuck it into the dryer, wait ten minutes, then hang it on the clothes line.  Girls dresses are delicate and needed treated with care.  
First of all, you can machine wash them seperately on gentle cycle.  Pretend the dresses for girls are delicate orchids that will wilt in the sunlight.  Imagine its fragile, like crystal.  Or like an egg.  Actually, eggs are pretty strong, so maybe that's a bad example.  Imagine its the frozen head of a chandelier, and it's so fragile that it will break if mistreated.  Take your girls dresses to the washer, kiss it ever so gently, then put it in the wasther.  Don't use a lot of detergent.  I mean, it's not a dirty football jersey.  It just has a little skank on it.  Water and a little soap is all it takes.  Then put it in the dryer when it's done.  It'll feel like a million years, because your girls are going to be screaming impatiently for her dresses.
Then, tell her it needs twenty more minutes and watch how sad she gets.  Then say, psyche, your girls dress is ready right now and watch how her face lights up.  Oh, the joys of being a mean parent!
Help her put the dresses on over her head.  Carefully, you don't want to hurt the dresses.  Little girls are strong, so you don't have to worry about hurting her.  Make her spin and twirl for your personal amusement.  After all, you're the one who bought the dress and went through all the effort to wash and dry it.  Damn, who knew girls dresses were so hard to care for!  
If you want, you can invite some friends over and ask them to pull the dress in all directions, stretching it out.  Soon your girls dresses will be so big, it will be a woman's dress.  Kind of.  As long as the woman who wears the dress has disproportioned limbs and stuff.  But you know what, there are women out there like that.  They can be a little freaky, but that's cool. I mean, they try harder, don't they.  It's cool if you don't feel comfortable answering that question.  I mean, this is supposed to be an article on girls dresses, and now it's turned into an expose of my personal peccadillos.  A virtual tell all of my romantic escapes... an it was all brought on by a dress worn by a girl.  Wow.  I gotta get out of the writing game.  Too much information.  Holy cow.  What a clam!  Did I say that out loud?  Did I type that out loud?  If a tree falls on my head while I'm typing, does anyone get hurt?  These are all really cool existential questions, instigated by the simple fashion issue about dresses and the girls who wear and care for them.  If you want to visit a cool website that sells beautiful dresses, I recommend this one.