girls capri leggings accidentally destroyed

08/24/2013 12:53
We went camping this weekend.  We don't do it often, because frankly, I'm getting to old to sleep on dirt.  But the kids like it, so I try to suck it up without complaining too much.  Plus afterwards, it makes me grateful to sleep in a real bed again.  Oh, that feels heavenly.  Anyway, my daughter's favorite pair of girls capri leggings (seen on this site) accidentally got wet when she slipped crossing the stream.  My husband hung them out by the fire to dry.  Well, the wood must've been punky, because it sent out sparks.  When we weren't looking, one of the embers landed on the capri leggings for girls, and burned a hole straight through them.  My girl was devastated.  Not just because the leggings were ruined, but because now she didn't have anything to keep her legs warm and cozy throughout the night.
My girl uses capri leggings all the time.  They are so versatile.  She wears them under dresses and skirts, or all by themselves when she's hanging out with friends, or going to school, or whatever the occasion.  There's no even that capri leggings aren't perfect for.  And now, that favorite pair of capris is ruined.  I suppose I could try to sew it, or patch it, but let's be honest, it'll never be as good as new.  Fortunately, when we returned back to our apartment, I was able to do some research.
I fired up the computer and performed a simple Google search for Girls Capri Leggings.  One of the first websites to pop up was a cute site called TwirlyGirl.  They have a wonderful assortment of clothes for girls.  Page after page was filled with adorable styles.  They were fun and funky.  That's how my girl describes them.  We wound up purchasing a pair of capri leggings for girls that had mismatching legs.  How cute is that?!  We can't wait for them to arrive.  I know she's going to run straight into her room to try them on.  I told my girl that I was only buying one, but when she wasn't looking, I loaded the cart with 2 other capri leggings.  It'll be a great surprise for her.  I plan on ordering more from their store for birthday's and christmas.  I'm so happy I found them.  It's like a hidden treasure.
Here's a link to the TwirlyGirl website.  Do check them out.  You'll be blown away by their selection.  So original and unique.