Girls Birthday Dress Makes Splash at Pool Party

04/19/2013 18:33


My sister in law hosted a huge pool party yesterday to officially kick off the start of summer.  Everyone was there in the bathing suits, drinking mai tais, lounging on floating chairs, and playing music.  Boys yelled "cannonball" while they jumped into the water, and girls shouted, "look out below" as they careened down the slide into the waiting bathers.  But perhaps the one thing that got everyone talking and excited was my daughter's big entrance in her birthday girl dress.  The place went absolutely bonkers.

You see, Sheila broke her leg pretty badly last year.  She was in a wheelchair for a very long time.  So this party was something of a big event for her.  A chance to show everyone that she's as good as new.  We decided she should have a really cute party dress for the occasion. Something that screamed, "Look at my big smile.  It might as well be my birthday."  Naturally, my girl decided to wear a birthday dress to the party because she loved the bright and fun colors.  Also, those dresses are really, very comfortable.  They're more formal than ordinary clothes, but not nearly as formal as a gown or anything like that.   They also really stand out in a crowd, so girls love to wear this kind of dresses to various kinds of events.  

My little girl then walked to the end of the diving board, still wearing her dress, then to prove she was of sound mind and good health, did a double flip into the water.  The place went nuts.  Balloons went floating into the air, streamers, applause.  The whole nine yards!  Of course, her birthday girl dress was completely soaked, but it wasn't ruined!  We just rinsed the chlorine off it, tossed it in the dryer, and voila.   Good as new.  Afterwards, all her friends wanted to buy the same dress so we told them where she got it.  From a really cute online store called TwirlyGirl!

All their garments are made right here in the USA, and they are super comfy, soft, and cute as can be.  A girl can't help but smile when wearing one of these dresses.  I logged onto their website and was immediately taken by their really cool styles.  And not just the girls birthday dresses.  All of them.  And it was a really fun site to visit. So many awesome stories and poems.  I felt like Alice falling down the hole.  What a magical place they have created!  

If you would like to see for yourself what all the fuss is about, follow this link.  You will be blown away by all the dresses they have to offer.  Visit