Girls birthday dress literally stops the show. No joke!

08/31/2013 16:41

My girl turned nine over the weekend, and to celebrate we bought her a girls birthday dress that we learned about here.  She was so thrilled to put it on because it was so beautiful and the colors were so bold and fun.  It made her skip and sing with delight when she tried it on for the first time.  But that's not even the whole store.  We also bought tickets to an off Broadway musical because she loves theatre so much.  Naturally, the girl wore the birthday dress to the evening out, although to be honest, the dress can be worn both casually and more formally, so it's not like she was just looking for an occasion to wear it.  Anyway, we arrived a few minutes late but the ushers were kind enough to seat us. That's when the real fun started.  Even though we quietly tiptoed in and took our seats, the actors on stage completely forgot their lines when they say the birthday girl dress.  One of them even used the word dress in dialogue, when she meant to say tomato.  How funny is that?


Afterwards, the paparazzi took photos of all the cast exiting the theater.  We even got them to sign some autographs.  Thats when one of the audience members spotted my daughter and yelled, "Hey, it's the girls birthday dress child."  Immediately, everyone left the stars and swarmed my girl to get my child to sign a signature.  She felt like such a star.  Even the thespians wanted the kid to put the old John Hancock on the book.  What a hoot!

Most everyone wanted to know where we bought the birthday girl dress.  We were more than happy to tell them, if for no other reason than to prolong the fun.  Eventually, we just had to spill the beans.  We bought our girls birthday dress off a site on the internet called TwirlyGirl.  They are an adorable manufacturer of girls clothing based in Los Angeles, California.  It really is such a special line of clothing.  We are now huge fans of their outfits.  My girl can't get enough of them, so we signed up for their birthday club so that we get discounts and alerts when new products are available.  Here's a link to the website in case you are interested.