Girl Writes Letter to the President about Maxi Dresses

06/01/2013 14:19

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you about a matter of grave importance.  My name is Shelia Pouster, but that is of little consequence.  I am a precocious 11 year old girl (that's right, I know big words) and I also happen to very interested in fashion and clothes.  I've noticed that our great nation does not have a national dress, and I have a solution for that glaring problem. I would like to nominate the girls maxi dress to serve that role.  Let me elaborate as to why.  

The girls maxi dress (example A) are very comfortable, stylish, and on trend.  They also evoke the past because they first came into vogue during the 1970s.  American's are nothing if not nostalgic.  They are flowing and long and beautiful.  Once America adopts the maxi for girls as its official dress, we can finally overtake the French as leaders in the fashion world.  I don't suspect this will be a long or difficult battle.  Le Frogs are very quick to surrender.  From there, we can sure the rest of the globe our superiority on the runway.  Do we have to worry about the Japanese or the Germans?  Absolutely not.  They love our culture.  Within a matter of weeks, everyone there will be wearing maxi dresses as well.  And if I know the Deutsch, even their men will be wearing maxis as well!   And what of the Russians?  Nyet.  It's so cold over there, they only have 3 days out of the year to wear a dress.  Our greatest threat, no doubt, will be the Chinese because of their non-existent copyright and trademark laws.  That is why we must beat them to the punch.  We have the element of surprise.  We must be the first on the planet to wear maxi dresses for girls.  This is a matter of top security for all of us.  Democracy loves fashion forward dresses that make us look good.  Thomas Jefferson would've insisted, had he the foresight to see this issue.

I have one further thing to bring before your presidency.  Then I'll let you get back to your eight year nap.  Just kidding.  Ha!  My favorite place to buy girls maxi dresses is a cute online store called TwirlyGirl.  I'm certain you'll love them too.  Why?  Because all of their dresses are manufactured right here in the USA.  Currently, only 2% of all garments worn by Americans are produced domestically.  That's ridiculous.  We must do more to encourage businesses like these to keep jobs at home.  

I realize there is only so much you can do about subject.  Congress is the branch of government that passes laws.  Ironically, I learned that in our underfunded public schools.  If the senate and House of Representatives blocks this important legislation, might I suggest we outsource THEM to India. They seem to get a lot of work done in that country.  I bet they can also improve on our dismal lawmaking track record.  Instead of your State of the Union Address, you can make it a State of the Union Dress Address.  Get it!  I do.   (I think.)

Thank you for your time.  And by the way, you can see TwirlyGirl's great collection of maxi dresses here.



S. Pouster