Daughter Makes a Girls Maxi Dress Vision Board. Parents Get Hint

07/20/2013 13:02
Ok, I can take a hint.  My girl recently did an art project at school.  The idea was to create a collage of something you want or hope to achieve.  The intention was to manifest a goal or desire by making it concrete.  Some kids' vision boards were about becoming professional baseball players, others clearly wanted to be scientists.  But my girl, naturally, has to bend the rules and turn it into something unintended.  On a giant piece of oak tag paper, she created a board that she intended to show only one person in the world:  me.  And that's because I'm the only one who could affect its outcome.  For my daughter only had one thing glued to it, over and over.  It was a collage of various girls maxi dresses (which she first learned about here.)  Maxi dresses for girls became a favorite item  when she saw a girl wearing one at our family reunion picnic a few weeks ago.  
My girl quickly fell in love with how they looked and felt and made her feel.  She said they made her look more grown up, but they were also modest and age appropriate for a young girl.  She promised me she would wear it everywhere:  to school, to church, on play dates, etc.  They certainly are comfortable looking, so I have no doubt that she will.  So I told my girl I would consider getting a maxi dress for her birthday.  But apparently, that's not soon enough.  She's been constantly petitioning me, dropping hints and reminders, that she deserves a new maxi dress for girls right now.  She doesn't have the patience to wait.  And the last example of this is the giant collage she created featuring nothing but girls wearing maxi dresses.  Actually, the project is really good and creative looking.  I give her high marks for her effort and tenacity.  I decided to give in and we did some research together on where  to get this fashion.
We did a google search for girls maxi dresses and we found a terrific little company called TwirlyGirl.  They manufacture and sew all of their dresses in Los Angeles, California.  Their company emphasis is about empowering little girls to make bold and creative statements in fashion, as a means of expressing their individuality.  Honestly, these dresses could not be cuter if they came with a baby panda bear!  I broke down and bought her a totally adorable maxi dress from this site.  Here's the link to their homepage just in case your girls are as persistent as mine.  They really do make a great gift.  LOL!