Child's Girls Capri Leggings Covered in Chocolate Sauce

09/01/2013 08:28

Give two points to my daughter for trying.  She so desperately wants to help in the kitchen, but more often than not, she just winds up making a mess that I have to clean up.  At least she's better than my husband, who just leaves dishes and food all over the counter!  Here's the latest example of this.  We were all watching TV one night, the whole family, when my girl decides she wants to make us all a midnight snack at 8 pm.  So she goes to the fridge and takes out the ice cream because she decided we should have sundaes.  She took the desserts to us, and I have to say, I think there was more chocolate syrup on the girls capri leggings (seen here) than there were on the cone!  That said, I do give the child an A for effort, even if it's a C- for execution.


After the show, I told the kid that we would have to wash the capri leggings as soon as possible so that it wouldn't stain.  Then it occurred to me that she only has one pair of capris, and since she wear them all the time, I really should get the kid at least another pair of leggings.  But where?  We bought the current leggings while on vacation in Cape Cod, and I certainly wasn't going all the way back there to just buy more.  So I did an internet search for capri leggings for girls, and guess what, I had no problem whatsoever in find a great place to buy then from.  One of the top sites to come up was an adorable online store called TwirlyGirl.  They had a great selection of clothes for girls, especially in the capri department.  Their assortment was spectacular.  So fun, funky, and unique.  Some of the legs were matching, others were mismatched.  In all, I was blown away with how cute the capris were.  They had pictures of them under the skirts and dresses they sold there.  What a great ensemble it creates.  We ordered a pair of girls capris, and threw in a couple of other pieces for good measure.  The clothes arrived a few days later, and my girl was thrilled with what we had purchased.


So a big shout out goes to TwirlyGirl!  Definitely check them out.  I love everything they have to sell.  Here's a link to their site if you're interested.