Butter doesn't go well with girls maxi dress

10/04/2013 20:00
I'm not a chef.  I'm not a cooking.  I didn't graduate culinary school. And I'm a big disaster in the kitchen.  That said, I do know a few things about stuff, and of this I am certain:  never spread butter on a girls maxi dress like this one.  Girls dresses can be accessorized with a lot of things.  Bows, ribbons, pleats and buttons are just a few items that can be named.  But lightly salted dairy products are a sure way to ruin a maxi dress.  My little girl recently proved that. 
Perhaps I'm going too fast, so let me backtrack.  My girl decided she would make herself a little snack.  She took out some bread and a handful of various jellies and jams.  She toasted the rye and when it was nice and crisp, she removed it very carefully then took a dull knife to apply the flavoring.  Well, she didn't just stop at the breaded item.  She continued applying it the bodice of the girls maxi dress she was wearing at the time.  Of course, she didn't do this on purpose.  And when she discovered exactly what had transpired, she certainly had quite the little fit.  I mean, the girls dress was completely ruined.  It's almost impossible to wash those kind of oil stains from a garment.  Have you ever tried?  I have, and with little success.  The only remedy was to buy a brand new maxi dress for girls, but where.  The store where we previously bought them had since gone out of business thanks to Hurricane Sandy and the tidal flooding that ensued.  So we had to turn to the internet for immediate satisfaction.
We performed a Google search for girls maxi dresses and we were quite pleased to discover that one of the top hits was an adorable website called TwirlyGirl.  All of their clothes, including the maxi dresses for girls, are manufactured right here in the USA with special attention to quality and great customer service.  I know this first hand because I called them with a few questions and was delightfully surprised with the level of attention I was given.  How rare is that these days?  I'm so accustomed to calling a toll free number, entering a million voice prompted answers, then waiting on hold for ten minutes, only to give the same responses to a human being!  Ugh, that's so mind numbing!  
Anyway, they have the cutest, most unique selection of girls maxi dresses.  Each one was cuter than the next.  How extraordinary!  We placed one in the cart, threw in a pair of girls capri leggings to wear under them on cold days, and waited.  A few days later, the girls dress was delivered to our home.  And the minute she opened the package and saw that maxi, she screamed with joy.  I'm not exaggerating.  But don't take my word for it.  Order your own pretty item from TwirlyGirl and see the reaction for yourself.  Here's the link for you.  Shop here.