A School Report on the Girls Maxi Dress

05/21/2013 17:58


My daughter is in sixth grade, and she just completed her first official school report.  All the girls had to choose a topic to research.  Some chose science, others history, and of course my little girl decided to do hers on fashion.  But that's not to say she didn't take it very seriously, because she did.  The point of the exercise isn't to do ground breaking research.  It's about learning how to organize thoughts and present them in a coherent and compelling way.  So she focused her discussion on the girls maxi dress.  Here's a picture of this dress.

First, she found a whole bunch of images from the 1970s when maxi dresses first burst onto the scene.  Back then, the long, flowing, comfortable and natural design was very much in keeping with the whole nature theme of that decade.  So then my girl flash forwarded to the present, to talk about what maxi dresses for girls now look like.  She determined that although the patterns have changed, the styles are basically the same.  This is a testament, my word not hers, to the staying power of this classic dress.  Girls love how open and airy they are, and also how flattering and comfortable they can be.  Of course, when buying a maxi, it's really important to chose one that is well made, has hidden stitches to that they don't itch, and cool prints.  I gave her some money so that she could go online to buy a visual aid for her report. And of course, she got to keep it.  Because it was her money at play, she chose the brand very carefully.  After visiting a ton of websites on line, she chose TwirlyGirl for several reasons.  First of all, they manufacture their maxi dresses for girls entirely in the United States of America.  My girl liked the idea of supporting our local economy, but also knows that buying American means spending a little more money, but getting quality merchandise in exchange.  What's the point of getting a bargain if it falls apart after a few washes?!?  That's just wasting cash.  It really was a good exercise on teaching her how to spend money wisely.  


We downloaded some photos of the girls maxi dresses off the TwirlyGirl website.  The have so many gorgeous versions, it was hard to chose.  But my girl used them as visual aids for her report on the dresses.  I was able to post one here, but if you would like to see some of the others, just click on the link and it will take you straight to their site.  Read more here.