Wealthy Woman Shocks Playground by Giving Away Capri Leggings

06/25/2013 13:58
I thought I'd seen it all, but obviously I hadn't.  Yesterday, while pushing my girl on the swings at a crowded playground, a woman carrying a large cardboard box approached.  She asked some men to lend a hand and they obliged.  She set it down right in the middle of the field, then pulled out an air horn to get everyone's attention.  The lady blasted it three times and I'll say this:  I think she got our attention after the first one. My ears are still ringing, lol!   Anyway, everyone gathered around her as she made an announcement.  Today was her last day of work, and to celebrate retirement, she wanted to give a few strangers something special.  All the little girls at the recreation area wanted to know what it was.  The woman then reached into the crate and pulled out a handful of girls capri leggings like these.  Leggings? we all thought.  That was kind of strange.  She told the crowd that there was enough to go around for all the girls.
The generous woman explained that she didn't have any daughters of her own, and she always wanted one.  So she decided to go on a shopping spree for strangers.  It really was sweet.  We were curious as to why she wanted to give away capri leggings, of all things.  The lady laughed because she didn't really have a good answer for that.  She just saw them and thought they were really cute.  The patterns were fun.  Some of the legs matched, and others were mismatched.  And the fabric was super soft and comfy.   To be quite honest, capri leggings for girls are perfect because they are so versatile.  They can be worn under a dress or a skirt, or even alone.  A capri can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.  And every girl there got to take a free pair home.  We really were moved to tears.
Someone asked where she bought them, and the answer was online at a store called TwirlyGirl.  It was chosen because it's one of the few clothing lines that still manufactures in the United States.  Amazing!  It was important for her to also throw a little business to our nation, instead of sending the money overseas.  Here's a link to their website if you want to see the leggings she bought everyone.  It was so touching of her to give away the capri leggings.  There must've been at least a hundred capris floating around the play area that afternoon.  "Capri for you an me!" the girls were shouting.  So cute.  It was all caught on a video phone.  If I find the link, I'll post it too.