toddler puts girls capri leggings into blender

09/14/2013 17:18
Our little girl Tamisha just loves to make a ruckus and get in trouble.  One time, she got into the silverware drawer and threw knives at the cat.  Another time, she got under our car and cut the brake line.  Another instance, she got into my husband's dynamite collection and rigged an alarm clock to it.  Luckily, she can't tell time or else it would've been seriously problematic.  Of course, all that can be forgiven.  But the only thing that I she got into serious trouble was when she put my older daughters girls capri leggings (these) into our blender.  Ordinarily, we only make shakes in that since the doctor put me on a liquid diet on account of my morbid obesity.   He's so cruel.  Since when is 425 considered heavy?  Whatevs.  Anyway, when Brittney found out that those capri leggings for girls were all gnarled and torn up, she went through the roof!  I told the child to calm down, and that it was an accident.  But she thinks the little one is deliberately trying to murder us.  And she might.  LOL!
But the point is this, girls capri leggings are meant to be worn to school, or church, or just for hanging around the homestead.  They should not be placed into a blender along with doll arms and legs. It isn't right, and makes people think you're a serial killer in the making.  Ha!  So I told the kid that I would buy a new pair of girls leggings as long as she didn't report nothing to the police.  I can't have them discovering my meth lab in the bathtub.  Just kidding.  Not true.  Don't panic.  It's simply dirty from my natural filth.  Luckily, I haven't bathed in quite some time, so there's nothing to worry about.  
I did find a terrific website that sold a great selection of girls capri leggings, as well as tons of other cute clothes for girls.  They had dresses and skirts and tops and skorts and everything in between.  We loved their customer service and attention to detail.  The fabrics were soft and comfortable and their styles were fashion forward and unique.  Oh, did I not mention, I used to be a runway model in Paris when I was 17?  Not!  So enough about me and capri leggings for girls.  Here's a link to the website in case you have a devil baby in your house destroying all your hard won goods and threatening the lives of the ones you love.  OMG this is too funny to even blog about.  Is it true or not?  It's hard to tell.  But I assure you, this online store is from heaven.  No joke!