There's a new Groundhog's Day -- Did the girl see her birthday dress?

03/22/2013 17:50


I'm through with celebrating groundhog's day.  Did he see his shadow?  Did he not see his shadow?  Six more weeks of winter.  Blah-blah-blah.  None of it is accurate.  It's just a day invented by the greeting card industry to sell more groundhogs!  I've decided that there's a better way to predict the beginning of spring.  And it's even more accurate.  You put a girl in a birthday dress, and if she sees her own smile in the mirror, it's going to be a short winter.  Why is this better?  Because whenever a girl puts on one of these dresses, she's guaranteed to smile.  This means we have to endure less cold and dreariness, and I'm all for that!

What I'm asking from you, dear reader, is that if you agree with me, you pass this on to a few friends.  If they tell some friends, then soon my idea will go viral, and before you know it, birthday girl dresses will be a new tradition.  How awesome would that be?

You may also ask just exactly what is this kind of dress?  The best way to answer that is, do you know what a party dress is?  It's like that, only for girls.  That means the dress is fun, festive, comfortable, and above all, a real attention getter.  The girl who wears one of these dresses to a birthday party is sure to get a lot of attention and compliments.  And if she performs a little twirl or spin, then she'll likely get some applause.  Everyone loves a girl in a birthday dress, right?  I've searched the world far and wide for these things, and now I have a pretty thorough collection.  I have at least six of these dresses hanging in my closet.  Some are reversible, so that makes like ten of them.  My favorite birthday dresses comes from a company called TwirlyGirl.  They make dresses that girls love to live in.  And they're all manufactured right here in the USA.  That means that our new holiday is American at heart.  Who doesn't like that idea?  Maybe Canadians.  But who knows.  They're pretty polite and agreeable, so maybe they have no problem with our girls dress holiday.

I am not going to do you a huge favor by telling you the name of the website where girls buy their birthday dresses.  Oh, wait.  I already did.  It's TwirlyGirl.  But here's the address.