Surprisingly, daughter chooses girls maxi dress!

10/26/2013 11:05

I have a twelve year old daughter.  She's a good normal kid, but I can tell she's starting to rebel.  She no longer wants me to take her shopping.  She'd much rather go with her girlfriends.  Reluctantly, I caved in and let her go to the mall with the girls.  I was very worried with what she would come home with, and full expected to have to go back to the store and return whatever age inappropriate outfit she purchased.  But to my surprise and delight, she came home with something that I absolutely loved.  To be honest, I adored it.  It was a girls maxi dress like this one.  Maxi dresses were very much in fashion back when I was a girl.  I had no idea they made a comeback, but I'm glad they did.  The one my girl bought is so cute and stylish, but also modest.  It's exactly the kind of dress that a young girl should wear.  It's fun and funky, but also stylish and on trend.  I approve!

And here's what shocked me the most.  Her friends wanted to buy something tight and trashy, but when they saw the maxi dress that my girl picked out, suddenly they changed their minds.  The girls wanted a maxi too.  They wound up buying a total of 5 dresses.  I told them she should've negotiated for a discount based on buying in bulk.  They didn't understand that I was kidding.

Later, I wound up looking up the brand that they bought on the internet.  I was hoping they would have other styles she could wear.  And I was absolutely right.  The brand was called TwirlyGirl and they have a wonderful assortment of cute clothes for girls.  Everything they offer is mother approved.  Me and my girl made a wish list of their other clothes, so that we can buy more clothes for birthday, Christmas, etc.  I'm telling you, we didn't need more than five minutes to make a pretty long selection.  LOL!  I absolutely love this TwirlyGirl brand, and now want to recommend it to everyone.  Please join me in dressing your girls in TwirlyGirl.  Let's allow our children to remain young for as long as possible.  Even if you don't want to get a maxi dress, they have plenty of other styles that are equally cute.  See for yourself.  Here's the link to their homepage.