Stranded on a Tropical Island, My Daughter Chooses Maxi Dress

06/20/2013 10:50

Relatives were in town visiting this weekend.  That means lots of eating out, going to shows, walking through parks, and eating some more.  At night, we sat around the dinner room table playing board games.  Last night, for a change of pace, we did one where each player is asked simple, moral questions.  My daughter got one, and the response shocked everyone.  No doubt, my family is wondering what kind of kid I'm raising.  But the simple truth is, she's just like I was at her age.   The dilemma posed to her was this one:  if you were stranded on a desert island with only one item, what would it be.  Are you ready for what she said in response?  Hang on to your hats.  It wasn't a hunting knife, or a tent, or an emergency radio.  It wasn't a blanket, or matches, or a saw.  The girl said it would be a maxi dress.  This one actually.  "Maxi dress?!" everyone shouted.  "Who are you, Lovey Howell from Gilligan's Island?!"  She didn't get the reference.  


When asked to explain her position, she explained that her favorite dress is a maxi because it's so soft and comfortable and fun.  Plus, it's a real head turner, even though I made it clear that she would be the only one on the island.  That wasn't important to her.  My girl is a real fashionista, and she said it's important for her to look good even if only for herself, since healthy self-esteem would be important to keeping morale up and finding ways to survive on her own.  Perhaps she's extrapolating a tad bit too much, but I get her point.  She likes the way she feels in her maxi dress for girls like these.  Who are we to judge.  I can tell by the look in my dad and uncle's eyes that they didn't agree with us, but too bad.  She's my kid, I get to screw her up the way I see fit.  And let's be honest, it's not wrong for the kid to want to look and feel good.  The girl makes a lot of salient points about dresses.


Afterwards, my dad felt bad about casting doubt on his granddaughter's choice, so he expressed interest in this interest.  He asked if he could learn more about girls maxi dresses.  More than happy to oblige, my girl fired up the computer and directed it to her favorite site to buy girls dresses.  It's called TwirlyGirl and they have a terrific assortment of clothes for girls.  And all of their dresses are made right here in the USA.  How rare is that?  So if you have a girl who adores maxi dresses, than you'll definitely want to direct their attention to this cute clothing line.  I've included a link for your convenience.