My Girls Capri Leggings were a Smash on the Ice

06/04/2013 14:11

My little niece Lindsey got her first birthday party invitation.  The party was planned for an ice skating rink in a real dicey part of town.  Whatever.  I make no judgments.  When we got there, we rented some ice skates.  They had the cutest little white blades.  At least they were cute until I decided to stick my nose in them and take a whiff.  Eww, it stunk of cheese and broken dreams.  Gross.  It smelled even worse than the men's room stall, which for some reason, I decided to inhale deeply when I visited the inside.  What's wrong with me, y'all?  Must I stick my nose inside everything!!  Anyway, more poor little girl couldn't have been iceskating for more than three minutes when she came running over to me.   The kid's legs were freezing and she wanted to go home.  Seriously, there was no consoling her.  Dang little legs were cold because she only had a dress on.  The fault lay squarely on  Lind's shoulders.  I begged her to wear something more substantial, like a parka or some such.  Anyway, she was beside herself.  Finally, I had a brilliant idea.  I remember that we had some girls capri leggings in the back of my Miata from our day trip to Carlsbad Caverns.  The were the prettiest little capri leggings, like these.  Leggings struck me as the perfect solution to this problem.


So I dashed out to the parking lot to get them.  I told her to change in the girls room, which stunk of urine, cheap perfume, and shattered confidence.  Nasty, I tell you.  Whatever, she came running out wearing her leggings and the girl was completely different.  She was warm and toasty and had a huge smile on the child's face.  She skated to the center and did a triple lutz with joy.  Okay, that part I added.  Guilty.  I love embellishments.   You should see the changing room in my lanai by my cabana.  It's so stylish.  But I digress.  Boy were we grateful that we had that extra pay of capris in the car.  I'm thinking I should start selling emergency kits for girls.  It would include protein bars, water, iodine tablets, band aids, and of course capri leggings for girls.  LOL!  But I'm really joking.  These leggings are super versatile.  Just roll them up and they pack up very small.  So if a girl spills soda on some pants, voila, she has an extra pair of capris she can just throw on, and go about her day.  Girls can wear them under skirts, with dresses, or just on their own.  You can wear capri leggings to gym class, or even to a sleep over to wear as pajamas.  Honestly, I'd make a billion dollars, don't you agree?

Flash forward three weeks, and now we are on a girls capri leggings shopping spree.  I have four nieces and I want all of them to be prepared.  So I'm buying them each a couple of pairs.  I mean, it's hardly going to break the bank.  And I do like to pamper them rotten.  I want to be their favorite uncle, not that drunken hillbilly Nick on the other side of their family.  The idiot makes whiskey in his bathtub, for crying out loud.  Okay, here's the website that I buy all the capris from.  It's called TwirlyGirl, and although they specialize in girls dresses, they have all sorts of garments for sale.  This is a link.  Go check them out, and support them.  If they go out of business, I'll be out of luck.  LOL, gang!