Mechanics Wear Birthday Girl Dresses

03/02/2013 14:54


As a female mechanic working in New York City, I see a lot of automobiles.  I get pretty dirty.  My nails are full of grease, I have sludge between my toes, oil in my hair, and hydraulic fluid dripping down my back.  It's always disgusting.  Often, people mistake  me for a dude, because I'm so gross looking.  But when I go home, I have a secret way to feel like a girl again.  I put on my favorite dress.

Girls dresses have a transformative effect on me.  They can make me feel like a birthday girl celebrating her tenth with all her best friends, eating candy and cake. In fact, I'll sometimes put one on and go to work, take it off so it doesn't get dirty, and then put it back on for the ride home. People often stop and stare at by beautiful dresses, making me feel like the most special birthday girl in the whole world.  Of all the people in the world to feel like, this is the most awesome, don't you think.  

For my next birthday, I'm going to buy some more.  Why just fix cars, when I can also fix myself up and look like a million bucks.  I love the way they twirl in the wind, and I love the floral prints that make this girl look so terrific.  Birthday girls got nothing on me, with my spectacular dresses.

I can even tell you where I buy them in case you want to get your own.  It's a little online boutique called TwirlyGirl.  I buy them all the time and share them with my other friends because they like looking cute too.  Here's a link where you can peruse their huge collection of dresses, girls.