Many creative uses for a girls maxi dress

09/07/2013 11:31
My nine year old daughter is something of a genius fashionista.  She can take one outfit and figure out a bazillion different ways to wear it an accessorize it.  You should have seen how she transformed last seasons bathing suit into a haute couture runway piece.  I know I'm bragging, but believe me, she doesn't get this talent from me.  She inherited it from her swishy father who dumped me last year for a guy he met at the pool hall. My friends tried to warn me, but I wouldn't listen.  The man was just so darn well dressed!  Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is she can transform a girls maxi dress similar to those found here.  Maxi dresses are versatile and transformative.   We all know that.  Duh!  But only my girl can turn a summer day dress into a tuxedo worthy of the red carpet.
The girl just takes out her shears and flips on the sewing machine.  A little felt here, a zipper there and voila, the maxi dress for girls is now a winter parka capable of withstanding temperatures in the low sixties.  I am in constant wonder of the girls ability to work with dresses.  Let me tell you another anecdote.  She stole our cousins maxi dress from the closet and worked on it all night to alter the shape.  She must've burned through a dozen spools of thread, and when the sun came up, the dress was know a skirt!  I know.  Pretty awesome, right?  I was as blown away as you are.
I hope that one day she becomes a major fashion designer.  Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Little Rock, are where I dream of her finding a job.  Actually, there's one house that I hope she really finds work.  It's for a company online that sells maxi dresses for girls.  The name of the clothing line is TwirlyGirl and they have the cutest selection of girls dresses.  If I were nine years old again, that's all I would ever wear.  I'd sleep in those dresses, bath in them, even shave my mustache in them.  Why not?  I could admire myself in the mirror while doing it, as long as I didn't get any lather on the dress.  What's the harm?
If you've never heard of this brand, you really should check them out.  We love all of their clothes, especially the girls maxi dress which is simply to die for.  Here's a link to their website in case you've never heard of Google, Bing, or Yahoo.