Kid Wears Girls Capri Leggings to Track Practice

07/13/2013 16:59

Remember Flo Jo?  The Olympic track star from so many years ago?  What was cool about this woman was two things.  First, she was wicked fast.  But secondly, she brought style and fashion to the event.  She had long fingernails, wore brightly colored clothing... she was an innovator.  I recently Youtubed this athlete and showed some clips of her running to my daughter, who is a budding track & field star in middle school.  She was instantly smitten by her.  The next day,  my girl decided not to wear shorts to practice.  Instead, she put on her girls capri leggings (not dissimilar to these.)  Capris can be worn to many functions.  They can be put on under a skirt or dress to add some pizazz.  They can be worn alone to a sleepover or casual event.  They can be solid and somber, or have fun and funky patterns to make them unique.  So as a wardrobe item, they truly are one of a kind in their versatility.  But, up until now, I had never seen them worn during the 100 yard dash!

I was totally afraid that her coach would be upset and make an example out of her for dressing in capri leggings for girls.  But actually, he had quite the opposite reaction.  He thought the leggings gave my girl a competitive edge because of how fierce they looked.  And besides, only a confident and self-assured girl would wear capris in a sprint.  He said it gave my girl a psychological edge.  My daughter loved hearing that.  Truthfully, she's not all that fast, but she does love doing it, and she's very committed.  I was hoping this activity would give her a boost of confidence.  And now that she's lining up at the starters block in girls capri leggings, I've noticed a slight swagger in her walk. And it makes me smile.  Naturally, these leggings can now get pretty sweaty, so I had to go out and buy the girl another pair of capri.  I went online and found a great manufacturer of girls clothing.  Their selection of capri leggings was adorable.  Some were striped, others had mismatched legs, they were perfect!  I must've added 3 or so to my cart, and a few days later, the leggings arrived at our house.  My girl was thrilled with what arrived, and she wears them almost every day.  What a happy ending to our little story.  If you have a girl who could use a little more swagger, might I recommend this store.  All of their clothing is so cute.   Their clothes have helped give my girl the extra little oomph that she needed.  This is the link so you can see their clothes yourself.