In Alaska there are many uses for girls capri leggings

11/03/2013 15:57

We live in Alaska, or Russia east, as we sometimes like to joke.  The small town that we reside in is very far away from the rest of the society.  In the winter, you can't even take a road to our little village because it's completely iced over.  Usually, the only way in and out is by plane or helicopter.  This means we, as a community, have to be very self reliant.  We recycle everything and improvise solutions to problems.  So what do you think is the most useful possession to have here?  Is it gasoline?  How about a snowmobile?  What about a rifle?  Actually, it's none of those things.  The most versatile piece of equipment that any citizen can own around these parts, the one that is stowed away in the trunk of every car and emergency kit underneath the bed might surprise you.  It's actually girls capri leggings like these.    Capri leggings makes the top of our list of essentials for many reasons.


First of all, girls can wear capri leggings under dresses or skirts to stay warm on cool days.  Instead of buying a separate outfit, they can use them as an accessory.  Secondly, capri leggings for girls can be used as an ad hoc wind sock.  I remember one day when the winds were howling particularly strong.  I tore a hole right though the sock that we normally keep at the airport.  Without one of those, it's impossible for aircraft to make a safe landing, which renders us completely at the mercy of the elements.  One of the girls made a pretty creative solution by hoisting a pair of girls capri leggings up on the flag pole, so that pilots could figure out which angle to approach the runway.  Believe me, that really saved the day for all of us.  

One time, our local mechanic ran out of duct tape just as he was fixing our pickup.  So instead, he used some capri leggings for girls, synching it really tight, to connect a pair of hoses.  Another instance, Goober the dentist around these parts needed a bandage to wrap around a woman's head when the wisdom tooth got infected.  He improvised by using some capri leggings that he got from one of the local girls.  Everyone laughed at the site, but believe me, the patient was surely very grateful.


That's why it should come as no surprise that the good old American dollar isn't treasured much around this area.  What's more valuable than cash is girls leggings.  The general store usually keeps them in stock, but occasionally they run out, so the next best thing to do is purchase them off the internet and hope we get mail delivery that month.  There are many online websites that sell girls capri leggings, but our favorite is called TwirlyGirl.  They have a great selection, and all of their clothes are made in the United States of America.  That's very rare these days, and we try to support home grown businesses as I'm sure the rest of the continent does as well.


This is going to sound unreal, but I remember the first time we got a package from TwirlyGirl.  We were so happy to see all those cute leggings, that tears came to our eyes.  The town practically had a parade in its honor.  Like I said, this garment is supper important around this neighborhood.  You should go take a look at their complete collection.  This link will take you there.