I surprised my six year old with a girls birthday dress

08/03/2013 17:22
My older daughter just turned 10 and my little one is having a tough time of it.  She so much wants to be a big kid, and she fears that now that her sister is a year older, she'll be even more left out of the fun.  It's rough being the younger child.  I remember what it's like.  Always feeling little and being left out of the fun.  So when my girl turned ten, it really hit the six year old hard.  I didn't want her to spoil the fun at the big girls birthday party, so this year, I did something out of the ordinary.  I got her a present as well.  It was something that I called a Birthday Girl Dress, which I first learned about here.  
Giving my child a girls birthday dress made her face light up with joy.  Now they both had reason to celebrate.  And because the style was sophisticated (in her eyes) it made the kid feel more grown up.  She danced and skipped all throughout the house singing, "I have a birthday girl dress!  Look at me, I'm not three!"  My wife thought the whole thing was hilarious and adorable.  We wanted to video it, but unfortunately, the iPhone was all out of storage from us recording the birthday celebration.  We would have to wait until we dumped the contents on to the computer to make room for more girls birthday silliness.  Thankfully, that didn't stop my child from going nuts in her new dress.
So it's time for me to pat myself on the back.  I did something right for a change!  LOL!  Of course, I can't take all the credit.  I have to share it with the people who made this birthday dress.  Ironically, I didn't even know if there even was such a thing as a girls birthday dress.  But I put it into Google and surprise-suprise, I guess it is.  Because it took me to a website that manufactures and sells birthday dresses for girls!  All of their garments are made in the USA, and that makes me feel good to support them.  This link will take you to their homepage if you want to browse their awesome collection.  I'm a huge fan of TwirlyGirl now.  I liked them on Facebook, and am currently in the process of giving them a shout out to anyone who will listen.  https://www.twirlygirlshop.com