Girls Maxi Dress Topic of Book Club Discussion

08/18/2013 18:14

I just moved to a new town, and I thought a great way to meet people would be to join a book club.  It wasn't hard to find one, I just did a little research and found a group of people who live near me.  So I read the suggested novel, and made my way to a nearby house at 8 pm to join the discussion.  When I got there, I was a little surprised.  We spent about ten minutes talking about the piece of literature (although most of the folks clearly only saw the movie on which it was based.)  Then everyone switched gears and got into a lively discussion about, of all things, the girls maxi dress (as seen on this page.)  Girls maxi dresses are interesting, for sure.  I get why girls find them so popular.  They are both stylish and comfortable.  Plus, the fact that maxis were in vogue back in the 1970s makes them fashion forward and retro at the same time.  From the other members in the group, I've learned that they are both on trend and cutting edge.  Believe me, I now know more than I ever cared to know about maxi dresses for girls.   But that's not what I came.  I wanted to have a lively and engaging discussion of Pride and Prejudice.  

Unfortunately, every time I tried to change the subject, the girls came right back to maxi dresses.  It was more than a little annoying.  At one point, the group stopped everything, opened up a laptop, and did an internet search for "Girls Maxi Dress."  Then we spent the next hour or so admiring all the photos of dresses on a site called TwirlyGirl.  I reluctantly admit that their maxi dresses are super cute, and if I were a girl, I would probably get one or two.  But seriously people!  Are you diseased?  Isn't Jane Austin more interesting?!


By the end of the evening, I found myself going crazy.  I started stuffing donuts into my face hole just to drown out the incessant talk about girls dresses.  I probably put on five pounds that night.  And later, when I went to sleep, I had a dream where I was in a store and everyone was fighting over the last girls maxi dress!  Oh man.  I'm going to need therapy over this.  Or maybe I need to move to a bigger city.  Whatever the case, here's a link to the website that everyone was talking about.  You check it out and tell me if it's really worth ruining a club over, or if it's as cute as all are saying. Thanks for letting me vent.