Girls Birthday Dresses Appear all over Social Media

04/15/2013 15:43


My friend has two daughters and she posts pictures of them on Facebook all the time.  Some of them are at the park, others at parties, and others still at day camp, school, or family functions.  But what struck me the most about these photos was that the girls were always wearing the most beautiful dresses.  Turns out, they are called birthday dresses.

I never knew that dresses could be called birthday dresses.  I guess that genre was completely lost on me.  But now that I know about them, I absolutely love them and can't stop searching for them online.  I find them on google, Etsy, and Amazon.  There is an incredible amount of variety and styles, but the one thing these dresses have in common is that they are fun and vibrant, and special enough to be worn to a birthday party... hence the name.  But there is something else about them.  They are not so formal as to be uncomfortable.  This is important because girls love to dress up, but they also like to be comfortable.   Playing with friends is no fun if a girl isn't completely at ease.

I wanted to buy a few of these dresses for my own girls, who are 6 and 9.  So I went to google and searched for "girls birthday dress."  I found a terrific website called TwirlyGirl.  They have an incredible selection of dresses, and an entire page devoted to birthday dresses.  It was absolutely stunning.  I picked out a bunch, registered on their mailing list so that they would send me future discounts and offers, and the rest is history.  The dresses arrived a few days later and my girls were over the moon with joy.  If you would like to see their selection for yourself, just follow this link.  Hope this helps!