For something unusual, try a girls maxi dress

11/03/2013 14:12

I just picked up a great piece of advice from a friend of mine who is a fashion editor at a leading women's magazine.  We were talking about how to dress my daughter for spring and summer.  She's eleven years old and anxious to make a mark for herself as she heads of to summer camp.  Up until now, she's kind of been something of a tom boy, but as of late, she's discovered a joy for clothing.  Not superficial, mind you.  Nothing high concept.  She just likes taking pride in how she looks, and I can see her face radiate with confidence when she wears girls dresses that flatter.  So my old college roommate suggested something new and novel.  She proposed that my child start wearing a girls maxi dress like this one.  Girls maxi dresses have been around for a long time, since the 1970s flower power generation.  But that style has made a resurgence of late, and now more and more people are wearing that dress.

I think what makes maxi dresses for girls so special is the fact that they are both comfortable, on trend, and casual yet formal and can be worn for many types of occasions.  This is why they have made such a strong comeback.  And heck, isn't it about a million trillion bazillion times better than those awful looking skinny jeans that all those teenagers are wearing now.  What are they thinking?!  I hate to sound like an old fogey, but seriously, they are not flattering in the least bit. Girls maxi dresses, on the other hand, always look so wonderful.  


Then I asked my old chum if she could recommend a good store where we could buy these maxi dresses.  I was thinking maybe one of the big department stores in the mall.  But she was adamant that I stay away from them.  She said if I was serious about getting a high quality garment that would last forever, indeed one that is so well made that my girl could actually grow into it, then there was only one place to buy from.  It's a small online website called TwirlyGirl.  This clothing company manufactures all of their girls dresses in Los Angeles, California.  The Made in the USA label is extremely rare in girls dresses these days, so it really means something when you find a garment with it.  


So we logged onto their site to take a look at the maxi dresses for girls that they offer, and I tell you this with 100 percent truth:  we were absolutely blown away with their entire line.  I mean, it was all so cute and unique.  I was a little miffed that we hadn't discovered this store earlier, having thought of all the money we wasted buying garbage clothing that quickly turns to rags after only a few washes.  My girl ordered a dress, and when it came, she wouldn't take it off.  Not even to get it cleaned!  LOL!  This link will take you to their page.  Poke around.  I know you'll be as impressed as we were.  twirlygirlshop