Fabulously Rich Guy Gives Great Party Favors: Birthday Dresses for Girls

06/25/2013 13:52

Money doesn't buy happiness.  Everyone knows that, right?  But what if we're all wrong.  I mean, I saw a super rich guy go into a store, shopping for girls clothes, and this dude looked pretty freaking happy to me.  He looked healthy, lean, and in shape.  He had a beautiful wife, and a two lovely girls, a fancy car.  This man looked like he was set up, yo!  I was listening in on his conversation, and from what I could deduce, he was throwing his little girl a birthday party and wanted to buy favors for the guests.... two dozen or so girls that were friends.  You know what we give as party favors to the girls who come to my daughter's party?  Balloons.  Or soap bubbles.  Maybe Cracker Jacks.  But not this gentleman.  He was so loaded he wanted to give out dresses to all the girls who attended to party.  What kind of dresses?  Naturally, birthday dresses.  This kind.  A dress like this isn't cheap, either.  But he wanted to make sure all those invited were treated right, and got something of good quality.

He could've shopped at any store and paid any price.  But he was determined to buy something really well made, so that it wouldn't fall apart.  He wanted his gift to be treasured.  So he poked around the store, inspecting all of the girls dresses.  He really knew what he was looking at, because he was inspecting the seams and feeling the fabrics.  Maybe he made all his money in the garment industry.  I don't know, but he seemed like an expert.  And I'll tell you this.  The brand that he finally settled on was called TwirlyGirl.... and after watching all that, that was the brand I wanted to buy my daughter too!  Seriously, I'm not an expert on girls birthday dresses, so I have to rely on the opinion of people in the know.  And this dude certainly fit the bill.  


After a few minutes, I sidled up to him and politely asked him what was so good about TwirlyGirl birthday girl dresses.  He pointed out the stitching.  4 thread overlock.  Most inferior brands only use 3, and that's why they fall apart so easily.  He informed me that TwirlyGirl was manufactured in the United States of America, so they are able to keep strict oversight on quality control.  And I felt the fabrics.  They were really soft, not to mention stylish.  He guaranteed me that it was well made and would stand up to the punishment that young girls can often put their dresses through.  I had heard enough.  I was 100% convinced, so I bought one of these dresses for my girls birthday.  I shook the guys hand.  I really was happy to have bumped into him, and grateful for his insight.  Maybe that's why this rich guy seemed so happy.  He gave more than he took.  Here's the link to the TwirlyGirl website if you want to feel like a rich person on the inside as well.  Learn more here.