Disaster on Cruise Ship: Shortage of Girls Birthday Dresses

03/19/2013 15:32


Yet another disaster has hit the high seas.  A cruise ship has been on the ocean, and has completely run out of girls birthday dresses.  They won't make land for another seven days, at which point, countless children on the large boat will entirely without their favorite garment. 

Later, the electrical system and the plumbing services broke, leaving the giant vessel without power or sewage.  Surprisingly, the passengers were able to take this in stride, even though they had to wade through hallways covered in excrement.  But the fact that their girls couldn't buy new dresses was enough to send everyone and everything into complete bedlam.  Chaos, even!

Soon, the rule of law broke down, dividing the people into two groups:  those who had girls dresses for birthdays, and those who wanted them.   Those who didn't have party dresses that girls could wear soon formed small militia groups, or marauders, and they plundered all the cabins to get them.  Under the cover of darkness they robbed and stole so that their girls could look really cute in brand new outfits that made everyone else jealous.  Navy seals parachuted in to bring some kind of order to the whole situation, but they were outnumbered.  Despite their training, they were unable to quell the birthday insurrection, as the dress mayhem has now been dubbed.  "Fashion was more important than anything else out there," said a spokesman.  Fortunately, the ailing liner was towed to a nearby port, and all the guests were able to disembark and load up on necessities like skirts, dresses, tops, leggings, skorts and shorts.  But of all the items, the one everyone wanted the most was girls birthday dresses.  These items truly bring smiles to girls faces, making them feel special... as if every day was their birthday.  I guess that's why they are sometimes called birthday girl dresses instead of party dresses.

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