Daughters Build Obstacle Course out of Capri Leggings... Why?!

06/12/2013 17:17

We had a snow day today, which is heaven for the kids and hell for me.  How am I supposed to keep 2 little girls entertained when they can't leave the house?  There's only so much TV a kid can take, and good luck getting my girls to open a book.  Maybe if it were a book about TVS!  And my girls kept coming to me for suggestions on what to do.  And every time I gave them an idea, they just said "that's boring."  So I stopped helping after awhile and did some housework.  When I returned to their room, everything had gone quiet.  I was like, "uh-oh.  What did they do?"  I opened the door to the bedroom to discover they had made an obstacle course constructed entirely from girls capri leggings like this one.  Leggings are very big popular in my household on account of their versatility. My girls can wear them under skirts or with dresses, they can be worn to a dressy function, or alone while just lounging around the house.  The fact that they are so soft and comfy while also being so fun and stylish is a big advantage. However, I never in a million years imagined they could be THIS multi-functional.


My girls had hung their capri leggings from the light fixtures, some leggings were tied to legs of chairs, others capris were draped from the headboards of the bed.  The goal was for each girl to crawl around or under each capri without touching it.  If any part of their body touched it, the other girl would hit a bell and the first one would receive a point.  First girl to five points was the loser.  I was pretty impressed with their creativity and ingenuity.  Not to mention, the game seemed pretty fun.  So much so, that I wanted to give it a try.  So they walked me through the whole thing, set the timer and said go.  Before I knew it, I was crawling, jumping, and hoping around their bunk beds, trying not to touch any of the capri leggings for girls.  It was hilarious.  We were all laughing so much.  I didn't do half bad for an old lady, if I must say so.


In the afternoon, once the frozen precipitation stopped, we all put on our capri leggings underneath our jeans to brave the cold outdoors.  The capris were my girls idea, and they helped keep us warm as we shoveled the driveway.  When we got back inside, we drank some hot cocoa and the girls and I went on line to shop for, what else, more capri leggings.  We found a great website that sells them.  Really funky and unique styles.  Here's the link to their site if any of you are interested in turning your own houses into private amusement parks.  LOL!