Daughter "Fixes" Girls Maxi Dress with Tape and Staples

07/01/2013 16:32

This one just melts my heart... which is usually as cold as ice.  She's just six years old, but already has a favorite dress.   It's a girls maxi dress that she bought here.  Maxis became very popular in my house after she discovered an old picture of her mom wearing one back in the day.  Naturally, she wanted to have one to look like me.  So we shopped around on the internet and found a beautiful maxi on a site called TwirlyGirl.  That dress quickly became her favorite because it was so soft, comfortable, and stylish.  She wore in day in and out, practically sleeping in the darn thing.  The problem is, she accidentally tore it while swinging on her swing set.  She thought I was going to get mad, so she set out to repair her maxi by herself.

She got into my desk took out my stapler and duct tape and "repaired" the dress.  She was pretty proud of herself until she showed it to me.  I mean, she looked like a mummy wrapped in that tape.  It was such a disaster that she started to cry.  I told my girl I wouldn't get mad at her if she just told me the truth.  And of course, I didn't.  In order to get her to stop sobbing, I logged onto TwirlyGirl and we immediately went shopping for girls maxi dresses.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that their selection of maxis had grown since the last time we shopped there.  We had one all picked out when I made a huge mistake.  I showed my baby some of the other girls dresses they offered on their site.  She fell in love with so many other styles, she was now faced with a difficult choice: buy a new maxi or something else.  That's when she started wailing again.  She didn't want to make the wrong choice.  Ugh, why could I just leave well enough alone?

So here's the solution I came up with.  We bought the girls maxi dress now, and I told her I'd buy her a different girls dress for her birthday or for Christmas... whichever came first.  (She particularly liked me throwing in the last part.  I was a nice gesture, she thought.)

That's where we stand.  The maxi dress is in the mail, and my girl can't wait to get it and try it on.  Definitely check out TwirlyGirl.  They really are a great company and have such terrific customer service.  I'm a huge fan of theirs now.  Here's the link to their website.